Etrak ETC100 GPS Tracking Device

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Etrak ETC100 GPS Tracking Device Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging At some point in our lives, we’ll find ourselves in the unfamiliar role as caregiver. Whether for our children, our aging parents or a child or adult with special needs, the responsibilities can be all-consuming. Looking out for those who can’t always look out for themselves is a full-time job. And the stress and worry that they’re safe when we’re not always there to take care of them can its toll. We often wonder if we could fulfill our role so much better if only we had a little help. With Etrak, you’ll always know the location of a loved one. Using Etrak’s proprietary GPS+ Hybrid Technology, you can follow the movements of your child or parent with instant alerts and pinpoint location tracking sent directly to your smartphone or computer.

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