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Gum Drops, NFP provides a weekend backpack of child-friendly food to help enhance the quality of life for at-risk children throughout Southern Illinois. This program removes barriers to academic success for these at-risk children. It is very likely that these at-risk children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited or no food. HUNGER DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. It can affect any child, even those you would least expect. These children suffer significantly in health issues, behavioral difficulties as well as academic performance. Gum Drops plays a crucial role in the lives of these at-risk children by breaking down barriers caused by hunger.

Gum Drops, NFP began in January 2008 feeding 12 at-risk children. Currently, we are feeding over 1,000 at-risk children every week­ of the school year. We are in 6 Southern Illinois counties, 11 different school districts, and 35 schools throughout Southern Illinois.

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Amy Simpson
Lisa Heise
Ronnie Simpson
David England
Jean McNeil
Carey Gil
Mark Carney
Participating Schools:

  • Carterville Unit #5
  • Herrin Unit #4
  • Murphysboro Unit #186
  • Giant City Unit #130
  • Christopher Unit #99
  • Pinckneyville Unit #
  • DeSoto Unit #
  • Marion Unit #2
  • Egyptian Unit #5
  • Johnston City Unit #1
  • Elverado Unit #196
  • Dongola Unit #66